Gajar or carrot halwa

Gajar (Carrot) Halwa

Desserts // Gluten free // Indian // Seasonal // Vegetarian

Delhi carrots have been in season for a while, and one of the best things to do with them is to turn them into delicious Gajar halwa— a light (if prepared this way) and relatively healthy preparation for the winters. This is something I cook up more than twice a year, and have been working on a recipe that maximises its nutritive value (in providing adequate fibre, beta carotene and potassium).

Baked Samosas

Baked Samosas (flaky as can be)

Indian // Pies & tarts // Vegetarian

I’ve been contemplating buying a deep fryer for the longest time, with a list of recipes to try out (samosas and super crisp French fries top this list). While I was researching samosas the other day I realised that one of the qualities that makes a samosa delicious is its explosively crunchy and super flaky crust, with the flavour of salt and ajwain within it.

Coconut chutney, served with rava idlis

Coconut Chutney, the Kerala way

Fast & Easy // Indian // Vegetarian

Today is Onam. Though I’m not cooking up a hardcore Onam lunch, designed to knock the persons experiencing it into a food coma, I decided to make something that to me is symbolic of Kerala, and home (even though it might not be necessarily part of an Onam lunch). Coconut chutney is the ubiquitous component of almost every south Indian breakfast, whether it be served with idlis, dosas or even poha (they used to do this at the college canteen at CEPT, it was an oddly fantastic combination).

Malabar Prawn Curry

Malabar Prawn Curry

Curries // Indian

I love seafood and amongst the easiest and least messiest sea-foody things to cook are prawns. So it goes without saying that this was my go-to prawn curry dish and I make it almost every time I have a seafood craving. The recipe is quite a versatile one; this also works with squid.