Persian Lamb Curry with Plums

Persian lamb & plum curry

Curries // Seasonal // Ultra-meaty

I’ve never tasted a dish quite like this one before. It has a flavour profile quite unlike anything I’ve ever cooked or had at a restaurant. The sweet sourness of the plum (quite different from the sweet and sour of eastern flavours I’m more used to) melds with the umami richness of the meat in way that can’t be described with words.

Malabar Prawn Curry

Malabar Prawn Curry

Curries // Indian

I love seafood and amongst the easiest and least messiest sea-foody things to cook are prawns. So it goes without saying that this was my go-to prawn curry dish and I make it almost every time I have a seafood craving. The recipe is quite a versatile one; this also works with squid.