Persian Lamb Curry with Plums

Persian lamb & plum curry

Curries // Seasonal // Ultra-meaty

I’ve never tasted a dish quite like this one before. It has a flavour profile quite unlike anything I’ve ever cooked or had at a restaurant. The sweet sourness of the plum (quite different from the sweet and sour of eastern flavours I’m more used to) melds with the umami richness of the meat in way that can’t be described with words.

Chicken stock, before cooking

How to make stock

Ultra-healthy // Ultra-meaty

Once in a month or so, I buy a whole chicken and stock it. Stocking is one of those processes that is wildly efficient — it uses the entire chicken (some even use the head and feet) and a lot of vegetables without any fancy preparatory techniques or special skills. The flavour they contribute to anything you make with it will put any factory extruded bullion cube to shame. It’s so good that someone even put it in a cocktail (the Velociraptor, is made with 1½ Oz vodka, 4 tablespoons of stock and three dashes of Tabasco sauce).

Lamb Pepperoni Pizza

On the versatility of pizza

Pizzas // Ultra-meaty // Vegetarian

I love pizzas because they’re such a breeze to prepare and there’s really no limit to the flavour you can pile onto it. The one in the picture above is a lamb pepperoni pizza laid out on a base of caramelised onions (sliced onions, sautéed in olive oil with a teaspoon of honey), mozzarella cheese (I tucked a few globs of mozzarella under each little lip of pepperoni, and over it too, which is why it’s so gooey and melty in the picture).

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Salads // Ultra-healthy // Ultra-meaty

My first Jamaican Jerk Chicken experience was a little disappointing. I ordered it at a restaurant in a business park after a meeting (to their credit, the standard of food was higher than what you’d expect at a business park lunch). The chicken was sweet, mildly spicy and a little red.