cremé caramel

Cremé Caramel- Caramel Custard

Desserts // Fast & Easy // Gluten free // Grilled

Inertia and procrastination have kept me from posting here for a while now, but I plan to fix that this month. I’ve always wondered how many people out there actually read these posts; not just follow but actually read them. Then the other day I actually ran into someone at a party who has been a regular reader of both my blogs and I felt like I ought to get back to it, even if it were for a small group of people.


Super easy (and very fluffy) Meringue

Desserts // Fast & Easy // Gluten free

Many recipes (especially custards and lemon tarts) call for the use of multiple yolks, but most of these recipes aren’t thought through completely, and end up with large amounts of egg white that mostly have to be thrown away. Some people make egg white omelettes out of them, others find different uses, from thickening corn soup (Indian restaurant style), egg washes or even face masks.

Coconut chutney, served with rava idlis

Coconut Chutney, the Kerala way

Fast & Easy // Indian // Vegetarian

Today is Onam. Though I’m not cooking up a hardcore Onam lunch, designed to knock the persons experiencing it into a food coma, I decided to make something that to me is symbolic of Kerala, and home (even though it might not be necessarily part of an Onam lunch). Coconut chutney is the ubiquitous component of almost every south Indian breakfast, whether it be served with idlis, dosas or even poha (they used to do this at the college canteen at CEPT, it was an oddly fantastic combination).

Zucchini Frittata

Frontier living: Four Frittatas

Fast & Easy

Eggs are amongst the most versatile ingredients for a cook with a limited pantry, equipment and time. They form the perfect medium to suspend and assortment of vegetables, flavours and textures in while still packing the satisfying fullness of a proper meal (even though they’re usually only considered breakfast-worthy).

Spaghetti Arrabbiata

Frontier living: Spaghetti Arrabbiata

Fast & Easy // Ultra-healthy // Vegan // Vegetarian

This is a strange transition month. Circumstances have rendered me homeless for exactly the month of August, and I’ve been relegated to a sort of frontier living. I have at my disposal one knife, one skillet and once saucepan, so everything I cook for the days ahead have to be worked out with this limited set of implements and utensils.

Spicy Corn Soufflé

A Spicy Corn Soufflé

Fast & Easy // Pies & tarts // Quiches

After recently discovering that soufflés aren’t as difficult a deal as they’re made out to be, I’ve been dying to try cooking up a savoury soufflé. In principle it’s just about combining two parts, a flavour base, which is usually a liquid concoction with milk, yolks and the main flavouring elements and an light airy part, usually made with egg whites whisked senseless.

Chocolate Soufflé, the right way

Chocolate // Desserts // Fast & Easy

This is probably the second or third post (and surely not the last) I’ve put up that has been a product of a relatively sudden and massive chocolate craving. The humble soufflé has been made out to be this complicated thing that requires great finesse and skill and has a 50:50 chance of collapsing on itself and being an utter flop.

Spaghetti aglio e olio

Spaghetti aglio e olio

Fast & Easy // Ultra-healthy // Vegan // Vegetarian

Spaghetti aglio e olio is one of my lazy day staples. If you’re quick and careful, you can easily put this together in just around 13 minutes. Traditionally, spaghetti aglio e olio is meant to be a celebration of the quality of the best olive oil money can buy, but when I make it (with my imported brand of olive oil of questionable repute), I also throw in some mushrooms to up the nutritive value of the dish.